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Current family violence statistics

The most up-to-date collated statistics relating to family violence can be found in the Data Summaries collated by the Family Violence Clearinghouse.

1   Data Summaries Snapshot - 2017

2   Family Violence Deaths - 2017

3   Violence against Women - 2017

4   Children & Youth - 2017

5   Child Sexual Abuse 2017

6   Adult Sexual Violence - 2017

7   Sexual Violence by Gender of Perpetrator - 2017

8   Supplementary Police Regional Data - 2017

Statistics New Zealand also provide the capability for people to search for crime-related information on their website (see below).

Those interested can also make separate information requests to the organisations concerned.

Historic family violence statistics – learning from history?

The following historical family violence statistics were obtained from NZ Police and other sources and further developed by Rob Veale Ltd.  The information is now dated and various definitions have changed.   The information is subject to various caveats and not intended as official crime statistics for the relevant time periods.

The purpose of sharing this information is to generate constructive discussion between agencies and communities looking to prevent and reduce family violence – for those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

§  Domestic violence murders

§  Police family violence crimes and incidents

o   All FV crimes

o   Male Assaults on Females

o   Breaches of Protection Orders

o   Domestic Disputes (non-crimes)

§  Attempted suicides recorded by Police

If you require any explanation of the above statistics or require other domestic violence statistics from the criminal justice sector, please contact me directly.

Useful Websites

New Zealand

Ministry of Social Development

MSD Task force for action on family violence


New Zealand Family Violence Prevention Strategy 2002


Family Violence Clearing House


Family Violence Death Review Committee


Statistics New Zealand


New Zealand Police


Standards New Zealand for Risk Assessment tools for Family and Whanua Violence


International Sites (FV in the Workplace)

Australian Institute of Criminology
CEO Challenge Australia
Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence
National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative (NDVFRI) (US Department of Justice)
Safe At Work
Workplaces Respond to Domestic & Sexual Violence

Useful Publications

Ministry of Justice
Family Violence Death Review Reports
4th Report 2014 - look at strangulation recommendations
5th Report 2016 - look for safety planning commentary
Strangulation information/reports