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Rob Veale is:

  • An experienced lecturer to criminal justice agencies, government, judiciary, healthcare professionals and community service providers throughout the Pacific and within New Zealand.
  • An expert specialising in enhancing safety through providing family violence and general violence reduction consultancy advice to government agencies, local government, social service providers, healthcare professionals and community groups.
  • A topic expert providing policy and best practice advice to community, national and international leaders around domestic violence reduction initiatives.
  • Committed to inter-agency partnerships as demonstrated by his innovation and leadership in developing and supporting the Family Safety Team initiative throughout New Zealand, and similar initiatives throughout the Pacific.
  • Passionate about reducing family violence and the effects of violence through his work as a police officer, detective, national and international advisor, member of the Family Safety Team National Steering Committee and current member of the New Zealand Family Violence Death Review Committee.



Rob work
Recognised as a "Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM)" in the New Years Honours list for 2006.
The citation read that “Rob has worked extensively in the Pacific. He has helped Pacific Nations develop responses to violent offending and was seconded to NZAID to design and deliver at training programme for the Pacific including training in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Niue and Samoa. Rob was chief trainer during a recent Pacific Regional Initiative in Suva and has provided expert advice to the NZAID / NZ Police project team evaluating recommencing the New Zealand Family Violence Programme to the Pacific Region in 2005.
Awarded the "Excellence in Policing for Women Initiative" by the Australasian Council of Women and Policing for family violence work in New Zealand and the Pacific (2005).
Described by the international panel as ‘outstanding in his contribution to family violence prevention in New Zealand and the Pacific region including developing and delivering training across the region and assisting many of the islands to develop and implement their own specific programmes to incorporate cultural needs.’
Recognised by the National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges 'for his work and support of victims and violence' - October 2005



Rob served in New Zealand Police for thirty years, with the majority of his service leading national policy and practice development in the area of family violence and violence reduction.  Since retiring from Police in 2008, Rob has continued work in the family violence sector in the following areas:
  • Member of the inaugural National Family Violence Death Review Committee reporting to the Minister of Health
  • Providing contract services for customers including:
    • Ministry of Health
    • NZ Defence Force on their initial development and delivery of training for their family violence in the workplace programme
    • Wairarapa Family Violence Intervention Group to develop best practice guidelines for inter-agency information sharing (newspaper link)
    • NZ Police involved with the Family Safety Team initiative
  • From 2013 to February 2021, employed as a Violence Intervention Programme Coordinator at Capital & Coast District Health Board with responsibilities for policy and practice development and staff training within a health environment.
  • Provided advice to the Law Commission relating to the development of specific ‘strangulation’ legislation introduced in 2018.
  • Facilitating workshops and presentations raising awareness of family violence issues, strangulation and related topics, risk assessment and safety planning for communities, agencies and networks throughout New Zealand.